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October 26, 2008

Overtraining – The Bodybuilders Nemesis During Intense Training And Workouts

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It?s a given that you have to train hard in order to keep gaining size and strength. Yet it is this intense training that actually breaks you down and makes you weaker. So what leads to the size and strength gain? Rest. Physiological improvement occurs only during the rest period following hard training. Rest allows the body to acquire the benefits of exercise: Improved efficiency of the heart; increased capillaries in the muscles; increased glycogen stores; and increased strength and size of muscle fibers. Your muscles will also be able to operate at a higher level of performance. If sufficient rest is not allowed between workouts, regeneration cannot occur and your performance will plateau. In short you are in a state of overtraining.

Overtraining is a physiological and psychological condition where rest periods are no longer adequate enough to produce sufficient recovery from previous workouts. The term “overtraining syndrome” describes the emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms that characterize this problem. These symptoms can persist for weeks – even months – following intense training without adequate recovery time. Bodybuilders and other athletes also refer to it as “burnout” and it is much more severe than the more familiar variations in performance that occur almost daily.

Common Symptoms:
? The most common overtraining symptom is constant fatigue. This may limit workouts and even be present at rest.
? Moodiness and irritation
? Trouble sleeping
? Mild depression
? Loss of motivation and enthusiasm for training
? Reduced appetite and weight loss
? Constant muscular aches and soreness, increased susceptibility to viral illnesses, and nagging injuries

Early detection is very important. If it occurred over a short period of time (e.g., 3 – 4 weeks) then ceasing training for 3 – 5 days usually provides sufficient rest. A good rule of thumb is one day of rest for each week of overtraining. After this, training can be resumed, but on a reduced basis. Those four to six day splits will need to be cut back to two to three days of alternating low-intensity full-body sessions. It is vital that the factors leading to overtraining be identified and corrected. Otherwise, the condition will recur. In some severe cases, the training program may have to be interrupted for weeks, and it may take months to recover.

In conclusion, it is better to be undertrained than overtrained. Rest is a vital part of any bodybuilders training program. Early warning signs over doing it should be noticed and then schedule adjustments accordingly. Smart training, with adequate rest periods after regular stretches of intense training, is the true path to acquiring and maintaining maximum strength and muscle gains after your workouts.

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